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Welcome to the JTL-Guide – the online help for JTL-Wawi and other products from JTL-Software. Here you will find everything you need to know for working with JTL products on a daily basis – from setting up and working with our key product JTL-Wawi to the shop system JTL-Shop and the warehouse management JTL-WMS to automating processes and the possibilities of extending the software. How would you like to start?

  • For New Sellers For New Sellers
  • For Brand Switchers For Brand Switchers
  • For Powersellers For Powersellers

Get to know the JTL products!

Are you starting your own online business from scratch? Are you already an online seller, but do not yet use a professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?

At JTL, you are considered a New seller. Keep an eye out for the Basics tabs on the various entry pages. There you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions. Before having a closer look at any of our products, we recommend that you check out the Getting started page first.

Switch to JTL and take your data with you!

You are already working with a different ERP system or with a different shop system and would now like to migrate your data to JTL?

At JTL, you are considered a Brand switcher. We recommend having a closer look at the Import/Export tab as well as any topics that concern data migration. Since you are new to JTL, we also recommend that you read the Getting started page of the products and search the Basics tabs for topics where you need help.

Deepen your knowledge and clarify specific questions!

You already work with one or more JTL products and use JTL-Wawi productively, for which you have already set up most of the functions?

At JTL, you are considered a Powerseller. As such, you are probably mainly interested in very specific topics. We have usually compiled these in the Related topics tabs. However, we also recommend using the search function of the JTL-Guide. With the right keywords, you will quickly find information on the topics that are still causing you problems.