Getting started with JTL-WMS

The following paragraphs provide you with a short summary of the initial steps for implementing our warehouse management system JTL-WMS. For detailed instructions, please see JTL-WMS.


    Setting up JTL-Wawi

    Your task/initial situation

    You have decided to use JTL-WMS and would now like to start the planning process.


    Step 1: Warehouse concept

    1. Work out a rough warehouse concept and get clear idea of how you want to run your warehouse in the coming years.
    2. Use the WMS integration checklist as a guide.
    3. Watch the overview video to get to know the user interfaces and central functions.
    Please note: If you need help optimising your warehouse concept, we offer the following option: Contact our sales department or one of our service partners and discuss your warehouse concept. Together, we will work out your ideal warehouse management. Our WMS experts will assist you in finding a more cost-effective solution than would be possible on your own. Contact form for JTL-WMS.

    Step 2: Creating warehouses

    In this step, you create your JTL-WMS warehouse.

    1. Create your first WMS warehouse in JTL-Wawi. To do this, start JTL-Wawi.
    2. Select Menu: Warehouses > Warehouse. The Creating and editing warehouses dialogue box opens.
    3. Create your new WMS warehouse. For more information on how to set up JTL-WMS warehouses, go here.

    Step 3: Storage settings and pick list templates

    JTL-WMS offers a variety of settings so that you can work optimally with your warehouse.

    1. Select Menu: Warehouses > Warehouse. The Creating and editing warehouses dialogue box opens.
    2. Select your created WMS warehouse and make the desired settings in the individual tabs. For more information on the individual settings, please go here.
    3. Once you have made all the settings, create your Pick list templates.

    You can now post your items to the storage locations in JTL-WMS and then edit and ship the sales orders. For more information on shipping methods, please go here.

    Step 4: Additional information

    In order to further optimise your processes, JTL offers you a variety of possibilities to learn more about the use of JTL-WMS.

    1. Have a look at our comprehensive user documentation, which also contains many video tutorials. Go to our JTL-Guide:
    1. Get to know our products together with other users during our training courses. Go to JTL training courses:
    1. To always get the latest JTL-Software news, visit our blog. We regularly publish new blog posts. Go to JTL-Blog: