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JTL-Workflows are automated and freely adjustable workflows along your own custom process chain. Their objective is to avoid application errors during daily business operations and take the strain of daily repetitive tasks off your employees’ shoulders, thus saving both time and costs.

The use of JTL-Workflows is also for all recurrent tasks to be done in the same schema within JTL-Wawi. The more frequently these tasks come up, the more time- and cost-effective your workflow will be.

The basic principle when creating a workflow is always the same: First you define the triggering event (e.g. Auftrag_Erstellt (Order_Created)), then set one or more conditions (e.g. Zahlstatus: Ist Bezahlt (Payment status: paid)). You can then determine one or more actions (e.g. Ausliefern (Ship)) that are to be performed automatically. You decide in which way and to what extent you want to be supported by JTL-Workflows.

Using JTL-Workflows, you can automate a lot of processes in your business. On this page, you will find a multitude of different real-life workflow examples.

You can of course adapt every JTL-Workflow to the unique requirements of your own business. However, the workflows presented here can give you a general idea of what is possible with workflows.

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