Migrating data to JTL-Wawi

Retailers who have been active in (E-)Commerce for some time do not usually want to enter data into a new ERP system manually. It is more practical to transfer the data from a previous system automatically. Here you can see how the data of third-party systems can be migrated to JTL-Wawi.

How to

This category contains tips and tricks on how to switch to JTL-Wawi from third-party shop systems (such as XT-Commerce). Depending on the system, there are several options for switching over.

  • Using JTL-DataTransfer
  • Via the JTL-Connectors

Afterwards you can use the transferred data in all JTL products connected to JTL-Wawi, for example JTL-eazyAuction and JTL-Shop.

Also read our JTL-eazyAuction help pages on the data transfer from Amazon and eBay:

Please see the JTL-Shop help pages for more information on how to transfer customer data from a different shop system directly to JTL-Shop: