Managing sales with JTL-Wawi

In the Sales area of JTL-Wawi, you will find all important information on sales quotations, sales orders and invoice verification. Many merchants also create manual orders here when they receive orders by email or phone. However, we recommend handling the actual shipping of items via the shipping management in JTL-Wawi.

How to

In the Sales area of JTL-Wawi, you can find all important information on sales and accounting. You have access to the folders Sales quotations, Sales orders, Invoices and Invoice corrections. In addition, various options are available to you via the Sales menu.

Under Sales quotations, you can manage your created sales quotations and turn them into sales orders or invoices if required.

Sales orders gives you access to the entire process that a sales order goes through in JTL-Wawi, from receipt to payment to complete delivery.

Under Invoices you will find all already created invoices, sorted by payment status.

Invoice corrections shows you all invoice corrections you have created for existing invoices.

You have various options for adjusting the processes in the Sales area to your requirements. For example, you can set different colours to easily distinguish sales orders with different statuses or configure attributes for sales orders.

Of course, you can also use JTL-Workflows in the Sales area. If you would like to use JTL-Workflows, please read the corresponding pages in our JTL-Guide.

Exporting sales order data

You are new to JTL-Wawi and have previously used a different system? Do you regularly need to export sales order data or invoice data from JTL-Wawi or have you generated sales orders in other systems that now need to be processed in JTL-Wawi?

All of this is possible in JTL-Wawi. Simply select the topic that interests you the most.

You have been working with JTL-Wawi for some time and therefore already have many sales orders in your database and would like to find out more about further possibilities? In the “Related topics” tab, we have compiled various topics for you that may not necessarily come up when first starting to work with JTL-Wawi.

But even if you are just starting out with JTL-Wawi, it might be worth browsing the topics anyway. This may save you some time in the long run if you are already thinking about future processes.

Basics of creating sales orders

Creating XInvoices

Detailed dialogue box structure and functions

Areas of the sales quotation management

Areas of the sales order management

Areas of the subscription management

Areas of the invoice management

Areas of the invoice correction management

You can call up the sales management of JTL-Wawi by clicking on Sales in the icon bar. Here you can access all sales quotations, sales orders, invoices and invoice corrections.

Other dialogue boxes

In the Sales area, you will find various dialogues to configure your sales quotations, sales orders, invoices and invoice corrections.