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You can use JTL-PackingBench for every default warehouse. Efficient shipping management must be quick and easy. With JTL-PackingBench you can allocate all tasks related to the picking processes to your employees in the warehouse with a few clicks. Pick lists ensure smooth processes and the accurate automated assignment of all shipping positions. Shipping documents and shipping emails can be created and sent automatically.

You can also set up packing messages that appear when certain events occur at the packing bench. Shipments can either be prepared with shipping data exports or with our integrated connection to JTL-ShippingLabels. You can further process incoming returns via the return management module. It does not make a difference whether your customer has notified you about the return in advance or just sends it to you unannounced.

JTL-PackingBench is automatically linked to most functionalities and contents of JTL-Wawi. You only have to adjust your packing bench to its surroundings in some places. You can specify individual settings for each computer on which JTL-PackingBench is run. For example, every packing bench can communicate with its own printer.

You can also define which documents will be issued during the shipping process and which messages your employees will see during packing.

JTL-Wawi PackingBench in action

Goods receipt (purchase order)

Webinar about JTL-PackingBench

Shipping with JTL-PackingBench

Shipping with JTL-PackingBench

Detailed window structure and functions

Here you can find detailed descriptions of the dialogue boxes of JTL-PackingBench. For specific advice on the individual options, please see the linked scenarios in the “How to” section.