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You do not have to be an e-commerce veteran to benefit from the many advantages of JTL-Shipping. When you sign your first contract with a shipping service provider, you also need an efficient way to create shipping labels. This is were JTL-ShippingLabels comes in, as you can use it directly in JTL-Wawi or JTL-Packing Bench+. Once the initial setup is complete, the shipping labels are created automatically, making your shipping process considerably more efficient.

If you have switched to JTL-Wawi from another software, you are probably already familiar with creating shipping labels and tracking shipments. With JTL-Shipping, you can manage these processes centrally in our ERP system and warehouse management software, thus saving both time and money.

Efficient processes lead to smooth operation. With JTL-Track&Trace, you will be able to spot potential issues early on and react accordingly. The JTL-Workflows allow you to optimise every shipping process and eliminate unnecessary manual steps.


With JTL-ShippingLabels, you create shipping labels for popular shipping service providers directly in JTL-Wawi, JTL-Packing Bench+ or JTL-WMS.

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Track your packages in JTL-Wawi with JTL-Track&Trace while they are on their way to your customers. You can also create different workflows that act on your behalf in case of specific events.

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