Managing the JTL-Wawi database

In the JTL-Wawi database administration you can back up your database, restore backups and increase database performance.

How to

The database administration opens when JTL-Wawi is started for the first time or can be accessed at any time via the menu item Start > Datenbank (Start > Database).

When JTL-Wawi is started for the first time, the necessary Microsoft SQL database is created automatically. Make sure that a Microsoft SQL Server has already been installed. We recommend that you use Microsoft SQL Server 2022. Read more on the topic here: Installing JTL-Wawi on an individual workstation.

Once JTL-Wawi has been installed, you can perform various administrative tasks via the database administration. This includes database backup (export and import), database cleaning and performance optimisation. We will go over the individual points in this section of the documentation.