Point of sale system

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As a Brand switcher, you might already be working with a POS system, and perhaps you are already using it alongside an ERP system. With JTL-Software, you can combine both and get all the solutions for multi-channel selling from a single source.

As a New seller, you may already have a physical shop and would now like to gradually establish an online trade, too. Take the first step with JTL-POS. The point of sale system helps you to digitise your product range. You can then transfer your product range to the free ERP system JTL-Wawi and offer it in your own online shop or on one of the numerous online marketplaces.

As a Powerseller, perhaps you have only sold your products online so far and now wish to expand your business by opening a physical shop. JTL-POS is the perfect solution since it can be integrated into JTL-Wawi and is free of charge. You thus benefit from the advantages of your ERP system and a comprehensive point of sale system at the same time.


Here you will learn how to download and set up your point of sale system JTL-POS.

Product range

Read here how to populate JTL-POS with your product portfolio data.

Cash register operation

How do you use JTL-POS in everyday business? Here you can find answers to all relevant questions.


You can import data from other systems into JTL-POS and export your data to other systems.

Documentation of JTL-POS available for download

In the following, you will find the contents of the documentation of JTL-POS as a PDF file available for download. You can save the PDF file or print it out and keep it close to the cash register, in case of any technical issues. The PDF file is updated whenever major changes have been made to the documentation. You can find the date of the last changes of the documentation on the first page of the PDF.