Security in JTL-Shop

    Encryption and password security

    For information on SSL encryption, please read the following help pages of our Guide: SSL encryption of the online shop.

    Passwords must have at least eight characters. When creating a password, you can see a bar beneath it that shows how strong the password (weak, medium, strong) is. There are also tips for strong passwords.

    The minimum length requirements for customer accounts can be set in the back end of JTL-Shop. Passwords are not saved as plain text but using reliable encryption algorithms such as SHA2 and XTEA.

    When a customer wants to change their password, they are also asked to enter their current password first as an additional safety feature. If they forgot their password, a new password can be requested via the Forgot password feature and access to their email address entered at registration. The email link expires after 24 hours.


    Online shop visitors are made aware of 3rd party services by the Consent manager. It can be used to either give or decline their consent. Customers can change the settings at any time by selecting the fingerprint icon.

    For further information, please read Consent manager in JTL-Shop 5.