Managing licences in JTL-Wawi

You need a licence key to activate some additional fee-based features. In the licence administration, you will find an overview of all your activated licences for JTL products. Other licences can be activated in the JTL-Customer Centre.


    Noting down the licence key

    1. Log on to the JTL-Customer Centre with your access data.
    1. Go to Dashboard > Lizenzen > JTL-Wawi (Dashboard > Licences > JTL-Wawi). Write down the licence key or copy it in to the clipboard.

    Entering the licence key

    1. In JTL-Wawi, click on Hilfe/Lizenzen > Lizenzen (Help/Licences > Licences). You will see an overview of the licences currently activated.
    1. Click on the licence key. An input form opens. Enter the licence key copied from the JTL-Customer Centre and confirm your entry. The new licence for the module now appears in the overview of enabled licences.
    Please note: If one of the modules previously activated in the Customer Centre is not listed, click on Aktualisieren (Refresh) in the licence administration.
    With JTL-Wawi 1.0, the licence administration has been restructured. From this version on, there is only one licence key for JTL-Wawi. This licence key tells JTL-Wawi which fee-based modules are currently activated for you or which you are testing at the moment. Note down this licence key. You will need to enter it in JTL-Wawi later.