First steps with JTL-Shop

The following paragraphs provide you with a short summary of the initial steps for setting up JTL-Shop. For more detailed instructions, please see the documentation of your respective JTL-Shop edition.

    1. Installing and getting to know JTL-Wawi: You must work with JTL-Wawi if you want to use JTL-Shop. If JTL-Wawi is also still new to you, please familiarise yourself with our ERP system first. Go to Getting started with JTL-Wawi.
    1. Watch the demo video and get to know JTL-Shop. The demo video briefly presents the central views and core features of JTL-Shop. This will give you a first impression of your possibilities with JTL-Shop.
    1. Requesting a JTL-Shop test shop: Book a four-week trial license via our Customer Centre. Please note: The test version is for testing purposes only and may not be used productively. Read here how to book a test shop: Requesting a JTL-Shop test shop.
    Hint: Instead of a test shop, you can also use the free-of-charge Community Free Edition of JTL-Shop. You need to host it on your own webspace, however. You can find more information here: JTL-Shop Community Free Edition in the JTL-Store
    1. Getting started: Connecting the test shop with JTL-Wawi and populating it. Connect your test shop with JTL-Wawi. Follow the instructions in the JTL-Guide. Then transfer your data from JTL-Wawi or an existing online shop to your JTL-Shop test shop.

    Help pages: Connecting JTL-Shop to JTL-Wawi; Performing an online shop synchronisation

    1. Initial customisation of JTL-Shop: JTL-Shop can be designed according to your individual requirements. Give it a try yourself!
    Please note: You do not have to work through the whole list. However, they help you to gain a better understanding of what you can do with JTL-Shop.
    1. Increase your knowledge… with the JTL-Guide! Have a look at our comprehensive user documentation, which also contains many video tutorials.
    1. Increase your knowledge… with the JTL-Forum! Join the JTL community and find the answers to your eCommerce questions. Go to JTL-Forum:
    1. Increase your knowledge… with training courses! Get to know our products better together with other users! Go to JTL trainings:
    1. Increase your knowledge… with the JTL-Blog! Keep up to date by regularly reading our blog. Go to JTL-Blog:
    1. Know more… with the JTL webinars! In our free webinars we give tips on how to use Wawi & Co. and you can listen to reports on current trends in online trading. Webinar registration:

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