Managing items in JTL-Wawi

The most important part of an online business is, of course, the product range. In the JTL-Wawi item management you can create new items and add more information to existing ones. The item management is essentially a product information system (PIM; see Wikipedia).

How to

In the Item management, you will find important settings concerning your items in a single comprehensive window. This means that you can access important data quickly at any time.

In the item master data, you can centrally manage a variety of different processes within JTL-Wawi. The data entered here forms the basis for an efficient and reliable online business with smooth processes.

The settings and information specified in the item master data have an impact on almost every part of your enterprise resource planning. The Item master data dialogue box is the most important and comprehensive dialogue box in JTL-Wawi. A special kind of item are the so-called variation items. They can also be created and maintained in the item management.

Our recommendation: Take your time to get to know all possible options and find the most important und helpful functions for your business.

JTL-Wawi offers numerous possibilities to design your items according to your preferences and to interlink them. You can, for example, manage product manufacturers and make the respective information available to your customers. Your items can also have common and individual delivery statuses as well as different conditions. Custom fields, attributes and characteristics can also be individually adjusted to your processes and requirements. These settings apply to all JTL-Wawi settings so that all information can be managed according to the same pattern.

It is not always necessary to enter item data manually. Especially if most of the data is already present in the form of CSV files (e.g. when you received them from your suppliers or a different system), carrying out imports with JTL-DataTransfer is very efficient.

You can also import an already existing database with JTL-DataTransfer, for example to transfer the data to other systems or a different instance of JTL-Wawi.

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Detailed dialogue box structure and functions

Via the Items button, you can reach the item management. Here you can access the important information on your product range.

Via the Items menu, you can access the dialogue boxes of the Items area in JTL-Wawi. Here you can, for example, add new manufacturers, product groups, and item conditions. Attributes and characteristics can also be found here.

Tabs of the dialogue box Item master data

The Item master data dialogue box contains the most important information on an item. You can open the dialogue box via the item overview in the item management. Simply double-click on the desired entry.

Tabs of the dialogue box Category master data

The Category master data dialogue box contains the most important information on a category. The dialogue box is opened via the category overview in the item management. Simply double-click on the desired entry.

Here you can find a description of most of the other dialogue boxes you will find in the Item area. In most cases, the links correspond to the dialogue box headers. In this way, you can easily find the dialogue box in question.