Warehouse management for JTL-Wawi

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You know your way around your own warehouse and find every item within minutes. However, for new employees, this is not the case. That is why you are now looking at the computer-assisted warehouse management JTL-WMS. Best begin with the chapters in the section “Installation/Setup” (especially “Warehouse concept”). If you feel that you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team.

As someone switching from a different warehouse management system to JTL-WMS, you will be happy to hear that you can simply import your existing storage locations with JTL-Ameise. The initial inventory can either be imported via a CSV file or performed with JTL-WMS Mobile on a mobile device. You can also recreate most of your former warehouse management processes in JTL-WMS by making use of its many different shipping processes and pick list templates.

As a powerseller, you already work with JTL-WMS and are especially interested in topics such as automation and extension.


Before you can use JTL-WMS productively, you have to set it up first. Here you can find the important information on everything from warehouse concepts and licence activation to the first steps in actually working with JTL-WMS.


Here you can find important information on the main administrations of JTL-WMS. The section “Internal processes” includes processes such as inventories and transfer postings.

JTL-WMS Mobile

A lot of processes can also be worked on by using mobile devices instead of being processed stationarily or with a printed-out pick list. The software JTL-WMS Mobile runs on all browser-capable end devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and scanner-tablet combination devices.