Managing warehouses in JTL-Wawi

You can manage multiple warehouses with JTL-Wawi. You can create and manage your own default warehouses, JTL–WMS warehouses or fulfilment warehouses of your service providers. Via the marketplace connection JTL-eazyAuction, FBA warehouses are also automatically integrated into JTL-Wawi.

How to

In the Warehouses area in JTL-Wawi, you can manage the stock of your items in the respective warehouses. You can add new warehouses or manage existing ones. You can carry out goods receipts or adjustment postings individually for each warehouse. If you are unsure whether the stock for a specific warehouse is correct, simply perform an inventory.

You can also initiate stock transfers between two warehouses at any time in the Warehouses area. With intermediate storage, you can also keep an eye on goods that are currently on the move between two warehouses.

Stock transfers via intermediate storage

In JTL-Wawi, you can easily transfer items between two warehouses. The problem with this is that your goods are transferred directly from one warehouse to another in this procedure in JTL-Wawi. However, if your warehouses are far apart, the transfer may actually take several days, maybe even weeks.

For this purpose, JTL-Wawi offers the stock transfer feature. In this procedure, items are transferred to so-called intermediate storage. There they are then locked for delivery and can only be used normally once they have arrived at the destination. You can transfer stocks between all JTL-Wawi warehouse types.

JTL-Wawi warehouse

Goods receipt w/o PO

Detailed dialogue box structure and functions

Via the Warehouses button, you can reach the warehouses management. Here you will find all the functions for stock transfers via intermediate storage. The following areas are available: