Managing procurement with JTL-Wawi

JTL-Wawi has an extensive purchasing and supplier management. In the Procurement area, you create your suppliers and maintain all relevant supplier master data. If you are interested in automating your processes, you will also find the option of creating drop shipping suppliers here.

How to

JTL-Wawi has an extensive purchasing and supplier management. In the Procurement area, you create your suppliers and maintain all relevant supplier master data. For each supplier, you create a separate data set in which you can manage their individual data, from the address to contacts to conditions and delivery conditions.

In addition, you can also communicate directly with customers via the supplier management and generate requests for quotations and purchase orders via the toolbar.

Before you order items from your suppliers or have JTL-Wawi generate purchase order proposals, you should make some general settings. For example, it makes sense to define the rules in advance according to which the purchase order IDs of purchase orders are to be generated.

But you may also want to work with some templates or determine whether, for example, purchase orders always have to be authorised before being processed. Just click through the links at the top to find the topic that is relevant to you.

You are new to JTL-Wawi and have previously used a different system or you have been working with JTL-Wawi for a long time and would like to make changes to many existing supplier data sets without having to edit each data set individually?

Read the documentation linked above, to learn how to import and export your supplier data sets quickly and efficiently into JTL-Wawi and to make mass changes to existing data sets efficiently.

Related topics in the Procurement are mainly aimed at users who are looking for help for rarely needed functionalities. For example, you can exclude certain suppliers from the purchase list. The items of these suppliers cannot then be added to the purchase list.

Or maybe you work with drop shipping and want to track and process the sales orders accurately. Here you can find the links to the corresponding documentation.

Purchasing process 1 - Demand calculation & purchase order proposals

Purchasing process 3 - Goods receipt & A/P invoices

Assigning suppliers

Importing purchase orders

Purchasing process 2 - Supplier selection & purchase orders

Importing new supplier files

Importing drop shipping stocks

JTL-Wawi - Getting started Procurement

JTL-Wawi - Feature for purchase order proposals: Items with long delivery time

Export formats in purchase orders

Confirming purchase orders

Detailed dialogue box structure and functions

Supplier overview

Supplier master data

Via the button Procurement, you can reach the supplier management. Here you can access the important information on your suppliers. Via the dialogue box Supplier master data you can create new suppliers and maintain and view all data for existing suppliers.

Purchase list

Purchase order proposals

In all areas where items are displayed in JTL-Wawi, you can find the option Add items to purchase list. In the Procurement area, all items that you have added to the purchase list are displayed in the Purchase list category. Thus, before ordering, you have the possibility to check again whether you want to order these items, in which quantity you want to order them and from which supplier.

Requests for quotations

Purchase orders

In the Requests for quotations category, you can see all requests for quotations that you have sent to your suppliers. You can also generate purchase orders from the individual requests for quotations.

In the Purchase order category, you can see all purchase orders from JTL-Wawi, divided into different statuses, from Open to Completed. In addition, you can remind your suppliers of open deliveries and track the status of drop shipping orders.

A/P invoices section

Additional costs administration

Creating A/P invoices dialogue box

JTL-Wawi can manage the A/P invoices of your purchase orders. For this purpose, there is the A/P invoices category in Procurement and the Creating A/P invoices dialogue box. Here you can also specify additional costs that can be added to the items of the A/P invoices according to various criteria.