JTL-Shop fee-based editions

JTL offers three fee-based options for self-hosting: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Their installation is documented here. You can also have the Standard Edition hosted directly by JTL (see: JTL-Hosting).

How to

In this help section you will find information on how to install a downloaded package from JTL-Shop on your server. We also give information on how to proceed when updating JTL-Shop from one version to another and how to best perform major updates between JTL-Shop versions 4 and 5.

Please find an explanation of how to install JTL-Shop in the adjacent video.

Before you use JTL-Shop, you should make some basic settings in order to enable smooth operation with JTL-Wawi. This includes setting up shipping methods and payment methods. These can later be linked to payment and shipping methods in JTL-Wawi. This even happens automatically if the same name is used in both systems.

On these pages, you will also find information on special topics such as setting up additional packaging or the search for your JTL-Shop.

You are already working with another shop system. Your customers have already created customer accounts there. If possible, these should also be available in JTL-Shop. JTL-Shop offers you the possibility to migrate customer data for this purpose.

If you also want to transfer orders, items, etc. from a shop system, you must do this in JTL-Wawi. Read the pages on the topic of “Data migration to JTL-Wawi”.