Activating licences for JTL-WMS

    Your task/initial situation

    You want to book a licence for a user of JTL-WMS to begin the setup of your WMS warehouse.


    Booking licences

    1. Log in to the JTL-Customer Centre with your access data. Go to JTL-Customer Centre.
    2. Via the menu, go to Products and click Warehouse Management.
    1. Click on the JTL-WMS icon.
    1. You can find the product JTL-WMS Warehouse Management under Available modules. Click Trial.
    1. Enter the number of users with whom you would like to test JTL-WMS. Then click Continue and finish the booking process.
    Note on the trial period: The trial period of JTL-WMS is free for 14 days regardless of the number of users. After 14 days, costs are incurred for each user beyond the first user.
    1. Start JTL-Wawi and open the Active licences dialogue box via Menu: Admin > Help/Licences > Licences.
    2. Click Refresh. The Warehouse Management System should now be listed under Licences.
    3. Close the dialogue box by clicking Close and restart JTL-Wawi if necessary.
    4. You can then start Setting up JTL-WMS.

    Additional users

    You can book additional users for JTL-WMS in the same way. Please note that additional costs are incurred for additional users. This means that every actively logged in user needs an available licence. So, for example, if you have 5 employees working in JTL-WMS at the same time, you need 5 active JTL-WMS licences. This is independent of the number of users created.