Third-party shop connection


The JTL-Connector interface allows the bidirectional exchange of items, categories, and customer data between JTL-Wawi and a third-party shop system. JTL offers ready-to-use solutions for a variety of the most popular third-party shops.

The interface enables you to add the advantages of a powerful ERP system to the functionalities of your shop software. By managing all important business processes in one centralised system, you can streamline your e-commerce business and make it more efficient.

For developers, there is also the possibility to program solutions for shop systems that are not supported yet.

Ready-to-use solutions

Shopware is a modular online shop system that is available in both a free and a fee-based version.

PrestaShop is a European open source e-commerce platform by PrestaShop SAS, Paris.

WooCommerce is an online shop plug-in for WordPress. Internationally speaking, WooCommerce is the most widely used online shop system.

Gambio is an independent shop system based on xt:Commerce by Gambio GmbH, Bremen.

Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is a free open source shop system that can be connected to JTL-Wawi.

The OXID eShop Community Edition (CE) is an open source e-commerce platform by OXID eSales AG, Freiburg.

Shopify is a SaaS system, which is why this JTL-Connector is hosted and offered by us.

Hinweis: Sollten Sie ein anderes Shopsystem verwenden, kann Ihnen vielleicht einer unserer Servicepartner weiter helfen. Einen passenden Servicepartner finden Sie über die Servicepartner-Suche.

Providing your own solutions

Developer documentation

This is a technical documentation. We assume you have a working knowledge of PHP, Composer, and Git. You should be familiar with object-oriented PHP code and especially the use of namespaces and basic OOP principles.

How do I make my own connector?

In this video, we will explain how you should proceed when you want to program your own JTL-Connector and which tools you should use. We will also have a look at the structure of a connector.