Extending JTL-Shop

With plug-ins and modules, you can add useful functions to the existing features of JTL-Shop. For example, you may want to connect payment providers such as PayPal or you may want special displays of your product range. Feel free to browse the JTL-Store and JTL-Extension Store (currently only available in German)!

How to

Most of the functions of JTL-Shop are already available to you in the standard scope of delivery. For special applications, a lot of useful extensions are available to you. Be it special plug-ins for connecting payment providers or many other smaller and larger extensions that make your online shop more attractive to your customers. You can find most of them in our Extension store.

In addition, JTL itself also offers some extensions. The most important one is probably the Multishop Module, with which you can connect more than one online shop to JTL-Wawi. In addition, there are the Upload Module and the Download Module, with which you can offer files for sale or give your customers the option of uploading files in the sales process.