Editing the appearance of JTL-Shop

You can alter the design of JTL-Shop so that it matches your business. Our standard template “NOVA” has a subtle basic design so that you can easily customise your online shop with your own logo and atmospheric moods.

How to

When delivered, JTL-Shop is already equipped with a number of coordinated themes. However, you can also customise their look to suit your own business. That is why JTL-Shop offers you numerous possibilities to design your online shop to match your needs and thus ensure that your customers have a unique shopping experience.

For example, you can customise the display of images and of course integrate your own logo into JTL-Shop. Boxes allow you to display automatically generated content, such as similar products, where they are best seen by your customers. With sliders and banners, you also have further marketing possibilities.

Detailed window structure and functions

For the most important pages from the Appearance section, we have created detailed individual descriptions. Simply click on the name of a page whose functionality you would like to get to know.