Viewing and delivering fulfilment sales orders

    Your task/initial situation

    You are a fulfilment service provider for at least one seller who has stored goods at your warehouse. You now want to get an overview of whether there are any sales orders you must ship for a seller and, if so, how many.

    Viewing fulfilment sales orders in JTL-Wawi and shipping them with JTL-WMS

    1. First perform a fulfilment synchronisation. New orders are thus created automatically.
    2. Go to the area Versand > Lieferbar (Shipments > Available). Here you can see all sales orders that are currently available. Sales orders from sellers who have stored goods on your premises via the JTL-Fulfillment Network are highlighted in turquoise.
    1. Ship sales orders via your standard goods issue processes with JTL-WMS.
    1. As soon as you have completed the shipment, perform another fulfilment synchronisation. The seller now receives all data of the shipment. This enables them to inform their customer about the shipment, if necessary.