Processing orders

    Your task/initial situation

    As an online merchant, you have already stored your goods with your fulfilment service provider via the JTL-Fulfillment Network and would now like to have your sales orders fulfilled by your service provider.

    You now have 3 options, which are described below:

    • Option 1: Shipping individual sales orders with JTL-Wawi
    • Option 2: Shipping multiple sales orders simultaneously with JTL-Wawi
    • Option 3: Shipping sales orders automatically via JTL-Workflows

    Shipping individual sales orders with JTL-Wawi

    1. In JTL-Wawi, switch to the area Versand (Shipments) and open the folder Aufträge > Lieferbar (Sales orders > Available). Select a sales order and click Ausliefern (Ship). The dialogue box Aufträge ausliefern (Shipping sales orders) appears.
    2. In the outbound delivery dialogue, choose the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider under Lager/Lieferant (Warehouse/Supplier). Click OK. The sales order is now marked as shipped.

    Shipping multiple sales orders simultaneously with JTL-Wawi

    The procedure for shipping several sales orders is very similar to “Shipping individual sales orders with JTL-Wawi” described above.

    You can deliver multiple sales orders at the same time by selecting multiple sales orders.

    1. To do this, hold down the Shift key and select the sales orders with the left mouse button.
    2. Click Ausliefern (Ship) and then perform the same process as described above.

    Shipping sales orders automatically via JTL-Workflows

    You can also ship fulfilment sales orders automatically using workflows. To do this, define a workflow that checks whether a sales order can be shipped from a fulfilment warehouse and then triggers all relevant steps.

    1. In JTL-Wawi, open the dialogue box JTL-Workflows anlegen/bearbeiten (Creating and editing JTL-Workflows) via the menu Admin > JTL-Workflows.
    2. Go to the area Aufträge (Sales orders).
    1. In the pane Auslösendes Ereignis (Triggering event), select Auftrag > Erstellt (Sales order > Created). Then click on Workflow anlegen (Create workflow).
    1. Give the workflow a suitable name. Then define the first condition: Auftrag > Auftragspositionen > IstKomplettFulfillmentLieferbar (Sales order > Sales order line items > CompleteFulfilmentShipmentPossible). Select the operator Gleich (Equals) and the value Wahr (True).
    1. Now select the action Ausliefern (Ship). Then click on Konfigurieren (Configure). The dialogue box Eigenschaften von Workflow X (Properties of workflow X) opens.
    1. Activate your fulfilment service provider in the list. Click OK in all dialogue boxes. Click Speichern to save the workflow.

    Viewing the status of fulfilment sales orders

    You can find fulfilment sales orders in one of the status folders in the area Versand > Fulfillment-Aufträge (Shipments > Fulfilment sales orders).

    • Offen (Open): The sales order has been transmitted.
    • Bestätigt (Confirmed) The sales order has been accessed on the server by the fulfilment service provider.
    • In Bearbeitung (Being processed): The sales order is on a pick list at the fulfilment service provider.
    • Fehlerhaft (Faulty): Should an error occur during transmission, you can find the sales orders here. You will also see the cause of the error in the message.
    • Abgeschlossen (Complete): Once your fulfilment service provider has completely shipped the sales order, it switches to this status.
    • Storniert (Cancelled): If a sales order has been cancelled by you, you will find it in this category.