Transferring goods from your own warehouse to the fulfilment warehouse

    Your task/initial situation

    You have fully set up JTL-Wawi for the JTL-Fulfillment Network. You now want to send goods that you have in stock in your own warehouse to the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider by creating a stock transfer in JTL-Wawi. You have also researched the relevant conditions for transmitting item types and item fields via the JTL-Fulfillment Network.

    General procedure

    The stock transfer to your fulfilment service provider consists of three steps:

    • Step 1: Create a stock transfer in JTL-Wawi. Specify which items are to be transferred from your warehouse to your JTL fulfilment warehouse.
    • Step 2: The goods leave your warehouse using the goods issue processes that you have defined for your warehouse and are posted to the drop-ship warehouse.
    • Step 3: You then wait until your fulfilment service provider confirms the arrival of the goods and performs an inbound posting for them. You can view the stock level movement in your item history or under Eingehende Umlagerungen (Inbound stock transfers) at any time.

    Step 1: Creating a stock transfer

    1. In JTL-Wawi, go to the area Lager (Warehouses). Go to Ausgehende Umlagerungen (Outbound stock transfers) and select Neue Umlagerung (New stock transfer). The dialogue box Umlagerung anlegen/bearbeiten (Creating and editing stock transfers) opens.
    1. Select your own warehouse as Startlager (Source warehouse) and the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider as Ziellager (Destination warehouse).
    2. Click Positionen hinzufügen (Add line items). The dialogue box Artikel nachschlagen (Looking up items) opens. Find all the items you want to transfer and double-click them to add them to the selection list. Then click Auswahl übernehmen (Apply selection) to close the dialogue box.
    3. Specify the appropriate quantity for all items in the stock transfer. Select the shipping method and fill in further fields such as notes or remarks if necessary. Then save the stock transfer.

    If you want to transfer BOMs as a whole, activate the option Stückliste beibehalten (Keep BOM) before adding them.

    Your stock transfer has now been completely created, but it has not yet been shipped. You can add or remove items at any time until the shipment step.

    Step 2: Shipping the stock transfer

    1. Ship the stock transfer with your standard goods issue processes.

    Shipping goods with JTL-Wawi, JTL-PackingBench or JTL-WMS is a standard functionality and is not specific to the JTL-Fulfillment Network. Please go to the following pages to learn how to transfer goods: Go to Stock transfer or the Basics of shipping.

    1. Carry out a manual or automatic (JTL-Worker) synchronisation with the JTL-Fulfillment Network. As soon as you have shipped the goods, they are in the folder Ware im Streckenlager (Goods in drop-ship warehouse). Your stock transfer is now in the folder Ausgehende Umlagerungen (Outbound stock transfers) and has the status Versendet (Shipped). In the folder Eingehende Umlagerungen (Inbound stock transfers), it has the status In Bearbeitung (Being processed).
    2. You can see in the Logbuch (Log) that your fulfilment service provider has been notified of your stock transfer, which is treated as a purchase order. The item data has also been transmitted.

    After the stock transfer has changed to the status Versendet (Shipped), the data is transmitted to the JTL-Fulfillment Network. The fulfilment service provider can then retrieve the data.

    Step 3: Checking the goods receipt

    1. After the fulfilment service provider has received and posted the goods, carry out a synchronisation. You will receive the new stock level of the goods already posted. The stock transfer changes to the status Teilgeliefert (Partially shipped) or Abgeschlossen (Completed) as soon as all items from the stock transfer have been stored in the fulfilment warehouse.