Stock transfer from fulfilment service provider to FBA

    Your task/initial situation

    You have currently stored items with your fulfilment service provider and would now like to transfer them to FBA.


    • In order to move items to an FBA warehouse, the item must already be listed on Amazon. For items that are not yet listed on Amazon, you must first create a new listing.
    • For each item that you want to transfer to an FBA warehouse, the setting Fulfillment by Amazon must be activated in Seller Central.

    General procedure

    In general, a stock transfer from your fulfilment service provider to FBA does not differ much from a stock transfer from your own warehouse to FBA. We have already provided detailed instructions on this subject here: Stock transfer to FBA from your own warehouse.

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Create a stock transfer from your fulfilment service provider to FBA.
    2. While you create the stock transfer, create a delivery plan, too. This ensures that your stock transfer is divided into several stock transfers to separate Amazon destination warehouses.

    ASN number: When you create a delivery plan and the associated stock transfer, an ASN number is generated. Enter it into the field Externe Number (External number) in the stock transfer dialogue.

    1. Ship the stocks to be transferred and carry out a fulfilment synchronisation. Your fulfilment service provider’s system will now generate one sales order per destination warehouse.

    ASN number: The ASN number is displayed in the field Attribute (Attribute) of the sales order. It looks like this: “FBA ASN: {Number}”

    1. Your fulfilment service provider must find their own suitable workflow, which could look like this:
    • The fulfilment service provider sets up a workflow that checks whether there is an ASN number in the field Attribute (Attributes) of a sales order. With this workflow, they can create the sales order attribute “FBA ASN” with the ASN number as its value.
    • The fulfilment service provider also sets up a print template (e.g. the shipping label), which—if a sales order attribute with an ASN number exists—also prints the ASN number. This output is then issued for every package via PackingBench or WMS.

    Labelling items with the Amazon FNSKU before shipping

    As a rule, items sent to Amazon should be marked with the FNSKU before being shipped. This is done either in your warehouse before you send the items to your fulfilment service provider or at the fulfilment service provider’s warehouse.

    Your fulfilment service provider must have the FNSKU stored in the item master data to label items with it.

    • If the item already has an FNSKU before it is transferred to the fulfilment service provider for the first time, the FNSKU is transferred automatically. This might be the case if you had already stored the item with FBA before.
    • If you store an item via FBA for the first time, the FNSKU is created after the first transfer to the fulfilment service provider. Right-click on the item in the item management of JTL-Wawi and select the option JTL-FFN > Artikel einstellen/aktualisieren (JTL-FFN > Upload/Update item). In the dialogue box that opens now, click Einstellen/Aktualisieren (Upload/Update) once again to transmit the current item master data to the JTL-Fulfillment Network. After synchronisation, the current data is also transmitted to your fulfilment service provider.

    The labelling itself is carried out according to the normal process. Please find the instructions on labelling here: Labelling goods as a fulfilment service provider.