Transferring items from fulfilment service provider to merchant’s warehouse

    Your task/initial situation

    You want to relocate items stored at your fulfilment service provider’s warehouse to your own warehouse or to the warehouse of another fulfilment service provider.

    Step 1: Creating a stock transfer

    You can use the standard JTL-Wawi stock transfer process to move your items.

    1. In JTL-Wawi, switch to the area Lager (Warehouses) and select the folder Ausgehende Umlagerungen (Outbound stock transfers).
    2. Then click Neue Umlagerung (New stock transfer). The dialogue box Umlagerung anlegen/bearbeiten (Creating and editing stock transfers) opens.
    1. Select the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider as the Startlager (Source warehouse) and your own warehouse as the Ziellager (Destination warehouse). Then click Positionen hinzufügen (Add line items). The dialogue box Artikel nachschlagen (Looking up items) opens.
    1. For a better overview, it is best to sort the list by the column Lagerbestand Startlager (Source warehouse stock). To do this, simply click twice on the column header.
    2. Double-click on the items that you want to transfer. Then click Auswahl übernehmen (Apply selection). The dialogue box Umlagerung anlegen/bearbeiten (Creating and editing stock transfers) opens again.
    1. Specify the Umlagerungsmenge (Stock transfer quantity) for each item and select a Versandart (Shipping method). Then click on Speichern (Save). The stock transfer has now been created.

    Step 2: Shipping the stock transfer

    1. Go to Ausgehende Umlagerungen > Lieferbar (Outbound stock transfers). Here you can see the stock transfer you have just created. Select the stock transfer and click Ausliefern (Ship). The JTL-Wawi delivery dialogue opens.
    2. Everything is already configured correctly in this dialogue box. Just confirm with OK. The stock transfer is created as a purchase order from your fulfilment service provider and is transmitted to the JTL-Fulfillment Network.
    Please note: The stock transfer will be transmitted to the JTL-Fulfillment Network during the next synchronisation.

    Step 3: Completing the stock transfer

    When you have received the transferred items, you only have to carry out a goods receipt for the stock transfer in order to complete it.

    1. Go to Eingehende Umlagerungen > In Bearbeitung (Inbound stock transfers > Being processed).
    2. Select the stock transfer and click Wareneingang (Goods receipt).
    Please note: Of course, you can also use the goods receipt processes of JTL-PackingBench or JTL-WMS.
    1. Perform an inbound posting for the delivered items. The stock transfer is now complete.