Role change in JTL-FFN

    Your task/initial situation

    You are registered as a merchant in JTL-FFN and would like to change roles to fulfilment service provider.

    Changing roles in JTL-FFN

    On this page, we describe how to change roles in JTL-FFN.

    Please note: All active cooperations with service providers must be cancelled before you can change your role.
    1. Log in to the FFN Portal with your access data. You will now see your dashboard.
    2. Open your account section and select My account from the drop-down menu.
    3. To change roles, click Change next to Roles.
    Please note: It is only possible to delete a role when there are no active cooperations with a service provider.
    1. The role selection opens as it did during registration. You can now change roles from merchant to fulfilment service provider or select both roles. If you already have both roles, you can also delete one.
    2. Then click Confirm selection to finalise the change. It is active immediately.