Dialogue box: Manage posting reasons

    Stand: JTL-POS Version

    The Manage posting reasons dialogue box can be reached via the menu Settings > Posting reasons.

    Posting reasons are for reporting cash deposits and cash withdrawals at the cash register. You can define reasons for deposits and withdrawals yourself. As soon as a deposit or withdrawal is made, the user must select one of these reasons. The posting reasons are reported in the cash register log.

    Manage posting reasons

    Posting reason list: Here, you can see all the posting reasons you have created as well as the type of posting reason.

    Editing posting reasons: Tap on the posting reason you would like to edit. The Create/Edit posting reasons dialogue box will open.

    Deleting posting reason: To delete a posting reason, hold your finger down on the posting reason until the confirmation request opens. Confirm with Yes.

    “Create” button (plus icon):  Opens the Create/Edit posting reason dialogue box.

    Dialogue box: Create/Edit posting reasons

    In the Create/Edit posting reasons dialogue box, you can define reasons for cash deposits and cash withdrawals for reporting purposes. When a user makes a deposit or withdrawal at the cash register, the user then selects the posting reason from a list. The posting reason is then issued on the posting record.


    “Save” button: Saves all entered data/changes and exits Edit mode.

    “Cancel” button: Discards the entered data or resets edited data to its original state and exits Edit mode.

    Posting type

    Cash deposit, plus: Select this posting type if you want to create a posting reason for increasing the cash balance, i.e. when making a cash deposit.

    Cash withdrawal, minus: Select this posting type if you want to create a posting reason for decreasing the cash balance, i.e. when making a cash withdrawal.


    Name: Enter a name for the posting reason. The name will be displayed during cash deposits and withdrawals.


    Contra account: Enter the contra account according to your account plan for the respective posting type. Please contact your tax accountant or accounting department if you have further questions.

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