File system

    Your task/initial situation

    You would like to upload an extension for JTL-Shop 5. However, the upload fails due to missing write permissions. You therefore want to configure an alternative access.

    Configuring an alternative access

    Depending on the provider of your web server, it is possible that write permissions for certain folders are missing and therefore problems occur when uploading extensions that you have purchased from the JTL-Extension Store. On the File system page, you can set up an alternative connection (FTP or SFTP), which can then be used to connect to the JTL-Extension Store.

    1. Log in to the admin back end of your online shop.
    2. Navigate to Administration > System > File system.
    3. Under Adapter, select one of the other two options that are not Local. Contact your hosting provider to find out whether you should use FTP or SFTP. There you will also receive the necessary access data.
    4. Under Timeout, enter after how many seconds the upload of an extension should be aborted.
    5. Enter the access data you have received for either FTP or SFTP under FTP connection or SFTP connection respectively.
    Note: With SFTP, the private key is usually used instead of a password. If the private key requires entering a password, this is the same password as for the SFTP user. The private key should never be kept inside the online shop directory. If you require any assistance, please contact our customer support.
    1. For Path to online shop, enter the path starting from the configured root path of the adapter selected above.
    2. Then click on Test to check the connection.
    3. Click on Save apply the changes.