Online shop synchronisation in JTL-Wawi

    Your task/initial situation

    You want to transfer data from JTL-Wawi to your online shop. To do this, use the online shop synchronisation.
    Note: If you want a synchronisation to be carried out automatically at regular intervals, you can also use the background service JTL-Worker. Go to the Documentation for JTL-Worker.

    Online shop synchronisation

    Using the synchronisation, JTL-Wawi collects new orders from the online shop and sends changed or new items and categories as well as status changes to the shop. An online shop synchronisation updates both JTL-Shop and third-party systems connected via JTL-Connector.

    Note: The online shop synchronisation is usually used to transmit changes and orders. If you want to send all updated JTL-Wawi data to your online shop, you can carry out a complete synchronisation. Go to complete synchronisation help pages.

    Only data that is supported by the respective shop’s basic configuration is transmitted. Extensions of JTL-Wawi are not usually supported.

    Attention: Some special conditions must be met for the first synchronisation of JTL-Wawi with JTL-Connector! For more information on how to set up JTL-Connector, see: JTL-Connector overview page.

    Data synchronisation with the online shop

    1. Click on the Platforms icon in JTL-Wawi.
    2. Click Start synchronisation. The Performing synchronisation dialogue box opens.
    1. Click JTL-Shop. The synchronisation is started.

    If you have activated the Automatically close this dialogue after synchronisation check box, the dialogue box closes after the successful synchronisation.