Managing activations

    Your task/initial situation

    You have activated reviews or blog comments in your online shop, but you only want them to be visible after activation. Alternatively, you want to activate search queries or newsletter recipients. You do all this centrally in the activation manager.

    Opening the activation manager

    Blog comments, reviews, search queries and newsletter recipients can be configured in such a way that the corresponding entries must first be activated by you as a shop operator before they are actually displayed.

    1. Log in to the back end of JTL-Shop with your admin access data.
    2. Then go to Administration > Activations.
    3. Under Language, select the language for which you want to unlock the elements.
    4. Activate one of the elements in one of the tabs.
    5. Click Activate selected to unlock the corresponding element. Click Delete selected to remove the elements, for example because they are spam.

    Actions: Under “Actions”, you will also find the option to edit the elements.