Checking account data

    Your task/initial situation

    You regularly debit due payments from the bank accounts of your customers by direct debit mandate. To avoid debiting failures, you want to check the bank accounts stored in JTL-Wawi.

    Checking and correcting account data

    1. In JTL-Wawi, open the Checking account data dialogue box via Customers > Check: Account data.

    When you open the dialogue box, all stored account data of your customers is analysed. All account data that have an IBAN and BIC with a correct pattern are indicated by a green tick symbol. If a warning symbol is displayed, it means that either IBAN and BIC are missing or at least one of them is incorrect.

    Status message: In the Status message column, you can see the issue for the respective data set.

    Please note: JTL-Wawi only checks whether IBAN and BIC are correct. For the IBAN, this is done based on test numbers that are calculated during the creation. For the BIC, JTL-Wawi checks whether it has actually been assigned to a bank. The entry in the Bank column has no effect on that.
    1. Read the message in the Status message column to find out the issue that occurred in the data set.
    2. Double-click in the respective field of the data set and correct the information.
    3. Confirm your changes with Save. The account data has now been corrected.

    Converting account data

    If you see the message IBAN is empty and/or BIC is empty in the Status message column, but the Bank code and Account number columns contain information, you can automatically fill in the missing columns.

    1. Select all entries that you want to convert automatically by ticking the box in the first column of the corresponding entry.
    2. Click Convert.

    The account data is now converted and marked with a green tick symbol.