Setting up cross-selling

    Your task/initial situation

    You are selling thematically related items. When displaying such products in JTL-Shop, you want the related items to be shown as well.

    Creating cross-selling groups

    Cross-selling groups are general groups that do not initially have specific items assigned to them. To create a cross-selling group, proceed as follows:

    1. Go to the menu Items > Cross-selling groups. The dialogue box Creating and editing cross-selling groups opens.
    2. Click Create. A new group is created, which can be configured in the pane Group details.
    3. Give the group a suitable name. The name will later be shown in JTL-Shop as well.
    4. You can also enter a Description in the corresponding field.
    1. Then click Save to close the dialogue box. You can now use the cross-selling group in the item master data.

    Setting up cross-selling for an item

    You can use cross-selling groups to assign different cross-selling items to an item.

    1. Click on the Items icon to go to the item management and navigate to the item for which you want to set up cross-selling.
    2. Double-click on the item to open the item master data.
    3. Go to the tab Other. In the Cross-selling tab, you will find the panes Groups and Items.
    1. Click Add in the pane Groups. The dialogue box Assigning cross-selling groups opens.
    2. Select a group and click Apply. The cross-selling group will now be applied to the item.
    3. Select the added group and click Add in the pane Items. The dialogue box Searching for items opens.
    4. Add the items to be offered as cross-selling items to the selection by clicking Add from above.
    1. Click Add and close the item master data via Save. Cross-selling items have successfully been added to the item.
    Please note: Using the same method, you can also add more cross-selling groups to an item, which can then be displayed one below the other in JTL-Shop.

    Editing the display options in JTL-Shop

    For more information on this topic, please refer to the JTL-Shop documentation: Adjusting the cross-selling settings