Checking stock levels and item movements

    Your task/initial situation

    There are stock levels in JTL-Wawi that you would like to review; or you would like to track the stock movements of an item at your fulfilment service provider’s warehouse.

    Checking stock levels

    1. In JTL-Wawi, open the area Artikel (Items) and select the item in question. Double-click on the item to open the item master data. At the bottom left you will find the button Artikelhistorie (Item history).
    2. In the Item history, you can find actions performed by the fulfilment service provider in the column Lager (Warehouse).
    1. If you or your fulfilment service provider find that the stocks in the systems differ, there may be several reasons for this.

    Reasons for differing stock levels:

    1 You or your fulfilment service provider had to restore a backup of your data. Sales orders by customers cannot be reconstructed, but you can obtain the last stock levels and items from your partner.

    2 Sales orders delivered by you via the fulfilment warehouse have not yet been retrieved by the fulfilment service provider. These mismatching stock levels are automatically resolved during the next synchronisation.

    1. If the stocks have not aligned after the next automatic synchronisation, please trigger a manual Bestandsabgleich (Stock synchronisation) on both sides.

    (Manual) stock synchronisation

    Now the stock levels of all items that you have transmitted to each other get synchronised again. In contrast, the normal synchronisation with the JTL-Fulfillment Network only contains current changes.

    1. You should talk to each other on the phone during the process. Make sure that the system responsible for inventory management, i.e. JTL-Wawi used by the fulfilment service provider, is synchronised first. To do this, go to Lager > JTL-Fulfillment Network (Warehouses > JTL-Fulfillment Network).

    At the fulfilment service provider’s

    1. Carry out a manual synchronisation yourself. To do this, go to JTL-Wawi and open the dialogue box Lager anlegen/bearbeiten (Creating and editing warehouses) via the menu Lager > Lager (Warehouses > Warehouses). Select the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider, switch to the JTL-Fulfillment Network tab, and perform a Bestandabgleich (Stock synchronisation).
    1. Your stocks should now match. If not, please contact the JTL Support team.