Setting up the synchronisation with JTL-Wawi

    Your task/initial situation

    To connect JTL-Shop with JTL-Wawi, you need the synchronisation data. You will receive these via email for JTL-Hosting and test shops. When installing JTL-Shop, you define the synchronisation data at the end of the installation manually (or accept the default data). In case you have forgotten the data, you can also access the data again in the back end of JTL-Shop.

    Viewing the synchronisation data

    You will receive the synchronisation data at the end of the installation of JTL-Shop or by email from JTL if your JTL-Shop is hosted by JTL. If you can no longer find the data, you can reset it.

    Resetting the synchronisation data

    1. To do this, in the back end of JTL-Shop, go to Administration > Users & Rights > Sync with JTL-Wawi.
    2. Enter a new password and click Save.

    Entering the synchronisation data in JTL-Wawi

    You need the synchronisation data when connecting JTL-Shop to JTL-Wawi.

    1. In JTL-Wawi, go the menu Onlineshop > Onlineshop-Anbindung (Online shop > Online shop connection) to open the dialogue Übersicht Ihrer Onlineshops (Overview of your online shops).
    2. Double-click on the desired online shop or create a new online shop. The dialogue Online shop connection opens.
    3. Enter the synchronisation data in the Web server pane.
    If you have not yet connected JTL-Shop to JTL-Wawi, please read the following instructions: Connecting JTL-Shop to JTL-Wawi.