Setting up payment methods

    Your task/initial situation

    You would like to offer your customers various payment options in the JTL-Shop. Therefore, you would like to configure the different payment methods in JTL-Shop.


    Note: Payment methods are managed separately in JTL-Wawi and JTL-Shop. However, they can be linked. This is done by using the exact same name in JTL‑Wawi and JTL-Shop. In JTL-Shop, the displayed payment method name must correspond exactly to the name in JTL-Wawi.
    Note: Alongside the predefined payment methods, you can only add new payment types to JTL-Shop via plug-ins. It is not possible to create additional payment methods.

    Opening payment methods

    1. Log in to the back end of JTL-Shop with your admin access data.
    2. Then go to Administration > Payment methods. In the overview, you will find all integrated payment methods.

    Configuring payment methods

    1. Click the Edit icon next to one of the payment methods in the list. You will be taken to the payment method settings page.
    1. Under Displayed name, enter the name that the payment method has in JTL-Wawi. Configure all other settings according to your requirements. You can set up the settings for each of your desired languages individually.
    Detail: For a detailed description of the settings, read the guide page: Detailed description: General settings for payment methods.
    1. Make all other settings according to your requirements. Use the Allowed customer groups, Number of required orders, Minimum order value and Maximum order value fields to specify the conditions under which a particular payment method is offered to a customer.
    2. Click Save to save the settings for the payment method.
    Please note: You need a PCI certificate to offer the payment method “Credit card” in Germany. In some other countries, this is also possible without certification. Please find out about the respective legal situation before you activate the Credit card payment method. It is generally easier to set up the Credit card payment method via a payment provider such as PayPal.

    You have successfully configured the payment methods in JTL-Shop. If you want to see the received payments per payment method in JTL-Shop, read the following section.

    Viewing received payments

    You can see which payments you have received via the respective payment methods and, if necessary, send the payments again to JTL-Wawi.

    1. In the payment methods overview, click on the hand icon. You will see an overview of the received payments for the respective payment method.
    1. Use the filters above the received payments to narrow down the hits and then click on the magnifying glass icon to apply the filters.
    2. Use the check box next to the payments or the Select all check box to select the desired received payments.
    3. Select Schedule new transfer to JTL-Wawi during next synchronisation if you want to resend payments to JTL-Wawi.