Creating customer groups in JTL-Wawi

    Your task/initial situation

    You have an online business for sporting goods. You want to assign your customers to different customer groups, to which you give different discounts. You have decided on the groups “End customers”, “Merchants”, “Professional athletes” and “Sports clubs”, which you would now like to create in JTL-Wawi.

    General information on customer groups

    In contrast to customer categories, the settings for customer groups apply not only within JTL-Wawi, but also when using a JTL-Shop. Different prices can be used for each individual customer group in JTL-Shop. It is also possible to display certain item or categories only for certain customer groups.

    Each individual customer group thus has:

    • individual visibility of items, categories, links, variations, and variation values. The visibility can also be used in online shops with FSK18 items to only grant access to a specific customer group.
    • custom prices, scale prices, special prices as well as surcharges/discounts per item
    • individual discounts on the entire product range and individual categories
    • individual payment methods
    • individual coupons/vouchers
    • individual minimum order value in the online shop
    • a setting for whether gross or net prices are displayed
    • optional individual subject in the contact form

    Creating customer groups

    1. In the menu, select Customers > Create: Customer groups. The Creating and editing customer groups dialogue box opens.

    JTL-Wawi already comes with the two End customers and Merchants customer groups, but you can edit them.

    1. To add a new customer group, click Create. A new customer group will be created.
    1. Enter a name for the customer group, e.g. Sports clubs.
    2. If required, set a discount and select a print template.
    3. The fields in the Online shop name area are mandatory fields. Specify how the customer group is to be identified in your online shops.
    1. Finally, click on Save to create the customer group.

    From now on, you can assign your customers to the newly created customer group in the customer master data.