Invoicing labelling

    Your task/initial situation

    You offer a labelling service and would like to invoice the service per labelled item. On this page we will show you how to set up a workflow that, in addition to recording an accounting item, also prints the required item label directly.

    Step 1: Creating accounting items

    The first step is to create a new accounting item for labelling. If you offer different types of labelling with different costs, you can also create several items, e.g. for:

    • Labelling items during goods receipt
    • FBA labelling
    1. Create all accounting items you require. For more information, go to: Creating accounting items.

    Step 2: Creating a manual workflow

    Next, you must create a manual workflow to print the label and create an accounting line item for the printed item label.

    Note: Manual workflows can be triggered via JTL-Wawi as well as via JTL-WMS and JTL-WMS Mobile. They are thus also available to you directly in the warehouse, the place where labelling is usually carried out.
    1. In JTL-Wawi, open the dialogue box Creating and editing JTL-Workflows via the menu Admin > JTL-Workflows. You are already in the Items area.
    2. Select Item – Manual and click Create event  to create the new event “Labelling”.
    3. Select the newly created event and click on Create workflow. If necessary, configure an additional Condition that is to apply when the workflow is started manually.
    4. Under Actions, add a new action and select Add accounting line item.
    5. Select the following settings for the action:
    • Mode: Item
    • SKU: The SKU of the item created in step 1 for invoicing the label.
    • Note: Here you can optionally use the button to access a value that is to appear on the invoice.
    • Quantity: 1
    • Add for free: deactivated
    1. If necessary, add another action, e.g. Output > Print > Item label.

    Step 3: Running the workflow

    You can access the workflow in the following ways.

    In JTL-Wawi

    1. Go to the area Items, select the item you want to label, and then click Trigger workflow.

    In JTL-WMS

    1. Go to the area Internal > Item overview.
    2. Click the button for manual workflows. Select the desired manual workflow.

    In JTL-WMS Mobile

    1. Scan an item in the Information area.
    2. Use the workflow icon to open the manual workflow management and tap on the desired workflow.