Cancellation of the service provider in the Fulfillment Portal

    Your task/initial situation

    You no longer wish to work with a specific fulfilment service provider. On this page, we describe how to terminate the cooperation.
    Note: Even if the cooperation is not terminated under mutual agreement, we recommend a close dialogue between the two parties. In this way, you can precisely coordinate how the termination of the business relationship is handled.

    Cancelling the cooperation with a fulfilment service provider

    Note: You can only cancel your cooperation with your fulfilment service provider once all items, sales orders and deliveries have been fully processed. This means that there must be no more open sales orders. There must not be any open deliveries and the stock of all items must be zero. Please note the following:
    1. You must first transfer your goods from the fulfilment warehouse to your own warehouse. Learn more about this on the help page Transferring items. If you still have open orders or inbounds, you must cancel or close them.
    2. Log in to the Fulfillment Portal at
    3. Go to the Details page via My network > My requests > Details.
    4. Then click Cancel cooperation.
    1. A dialogue box appears in which you must confirm the cancellation. Click Confirm if you want to terminate the cooperation.

    Successful termination

    If the cancellation was successful, a notice that the cooperation has been successfully cancelled will appear in JTL-FFN.

    An automatic email will be sent to the fulfilment service provider that informs them about the cancelled cooperation.

    Failed termination

    A failed cancellation means that your fulfilment service provider still has outstanding operations. Your fulfilment service provider will then receive an email telling them to close open transactions.

    They will then arrange the cancellation, so you do not need to do anything else.