Importing customers into JTL-Shop

    Your task/initial situation

    You already have customers in another shop system and would like to transfer them to JTL-Shop. To do this, you need to create a CSV file from your old system, make appropriate changes and import it into JTL-Shop.
    Note: If you also want to import newsletter recipients, please read the corresponding guide page: Importing newsletter recipients.


    Step 1: Creating a CSV file

    1. Export the customer data from your old system as a CSV file. Please read the documentation of your current shop system to find out how to export a CSV file.
    Note: If you are unable to export the customer data as a CSV file, export the customer data to another format and then save it as a CSV file. This is possible, for example, using a spreadsheet programme such as MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
    Caution: CSV files must always be in the UTF-8 character set without BOM (Byte Order Mark) when they are imported! After you have created the CSV files from other systems/shops, you must convert them to the character set UTF-8 without BOM. Otherwise, umlauts may not be imported correctly or the first column name of the header may not be correct.

    Step 2: Customising the CSV file

    1. Adjust the exported CSV file so that it corresponds to the standard for JTL-Shop. Read the following section to find out more about the changes you may have to make.

    Format of the CSV file

    • Header: The CSV file must have a header. This determines the order, i.e. the column order of the CSV file is not considered. The columns cNachname (Surname) and cMail (Email) are mandatory. All other columns are optional.
    • Password field: The password field only accepts MD5-encoded passwords. Passwords in plain text are not accepted. As soon as a customer logs in with an MD5-encoded password, the password is converted into the secure format of JTL-Shop.
    • Email address: It is checked whether the email is correct. It is also checked whether a customer with this email address already exists as a registered customer in the JTL-Shop. If the email address is incorrect or already exists in the JTL-Shop, the importer displays an alert and does not import the respective rows.

    Minimal import example:


    Step 3: Importing the CSV file

    1. Log in to the back end of JTL-Shop with your admin access data.
    2. Go to the menu Administration > Import > Customers and open the Customer import page.
    1. Click on the Browse button and add the CSV file you want to import.
    2. In the Assign this language to customers field, select which language the customers speak.
    3. In the Assign this customer group to customers field, select which customer group the customers should belong to.
    4. Click on the Import button to import the CSV file.

    You have now imported your customer data from a different shop system to JTL-Shop.

    Transferring customer data from Shopware

    If you want to import customer data from Shopware into JTL-Shop, please read the following guide page: Transferring customer data from Shopware.

    Importing customer data into JTL-Wawi

    If you want to import your customers into JTL-Wawi from another shop system, please read the following guide page: Importing customer data with JTL-DataTransfer.