Installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express

    Your task/initial situation

    For the operation of JTL-Wawi, we recommend the installation of at least Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, ideally you should use SQL Server 2017 Express. Normally, the SQL server is automatically installed during the database setup of JTL-Wawi. These instructions show you how to install this version manually. In other versions, individual dialogues or steps may differ slightly.

    More information about databases can be found in the chapter Managing the JTL-Wawi database. You can also read the blog entry on the Optimal setup of the SQL database.

    System requirements

    SQL Server 2019 can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can find the installation files here.

    Please note that the installation file is approx. 1.4 GB in size.

    System requirements

    Supported operating systems:
    Windows 10 ; Windows 8; Windows 8.1; Windows Server 2012; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2016

    32-bit systems
    Computer with Intel or compatible 1 GHz processor or faster (at least 2 GHz is recommended).

    64-bit systems
    1.4 GHz processor or faster. At least 512 MB RAM is required (at least 2 GB is recommended). 4.2 GB available hard drive space.


    1. Execute the downloaded .exe file. The installer for the Microsoft SQL Server starts. Click Download Media.
    1. Select the Express Core package and click Download.
    1. Unpack the downloaded package. After the files have been successfully unpacked, the installation begins. Select the menu item New SQL server standalone installation from the menu.
    2. Read the licence terms and accept them by activating the check box I accept the license terms and privacy statement. Then click Next.
    1. The installation now checks whether your system supports the system requirements. After a successful test, click Next.
    1. Select the components to be installed. We do not recommend making any changes here. If you want to use the default directory for the installation, click Next.
    Please note: If possible, make sure that the installation path is not on the same hard drive as Windows or the database files. Read more on the topic here.
    1. In this dialogue box, select the option Named Instance and assign a name. Then click Next.
    1. In the Server Configuration dialogue box, switch to the Collation tab and check that the collation is correctly set to Latin1_General_CI_AS. If this is not the case, click Customise and select the correct option. Then click Next.
    1. Select the option Mixed Mode. Now assign a password for the system administrator (sa).
    Attention: Write down the password! If you lose or forget the password, there is no way to recover it. In a standard installation, JTL uses the password “sa04jT14”; for SQL Server 2016, however, the password must be longer. Read more on the topic here.
    1. Click Next.

    The installation will now be carried out. This may take a while.

    1. Click Close and restart your computer. The installation is now complete.