Setting up FBA warehouses

    Your task/initial situation

    You already sell goods on Amazon and have also been activated for the FBA service. Now you would like to create an FBA warehouse in JTL-Wawi in order to be able to track your goods.

    What is an FBA warehouse?

    FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or ‘Shipping by Amazon’ is an Amazon service, where Amazon ships your goods for you. For this purpose, JTL-Wawi uses an FBA warehouse in which all items are saved that have recently been sent to Amazon.

    Setting up FBA warehouses

    1. First connect your Amazon account to JTL-Wawi using the JTL-eazyAuction interface. Read more on: Setting up Amazon.
    2. Once you have sent an item to Amazon for the first time and it has been stored by Amazon, an FBA warehouse for the connected JTL-eazyAuction account is automatically created in the Creating and editing warehouses dialogue box.
    Please note: You must initiate the first shipment to FBA directly in the Seller Central. As soon as the FBA warehouse is available in JTL-Wawi, you can use the stock transfer function to initiate the shipment.

    For example, you can now perform stock transfers to your FBA warehouse directly in JTL-Wawi. Read more on: Stock transfer to an FBA warehouse