Connecting eBay Fulfillment

    Your task/initial situation

    You store your items via eBay Fulfillment. This page tells you everything you need to know about how the eBay Fulfillment service and the JTL-Fulfillment Network interact.


    • You have an eBay seller account.
    • You use JTL-Wawi version 1.5 or higher.

    Connecting ebay Fulfillment by Orange Connex with JTL

    If you maintain BOM items in JTL-Wawi, you cannot transfer them to eBay Fulfillment without modification. Instead, you need to create a new item in JTL-Wawi that is not a BOM but represents the previous BOM. You can compile these before shipping them to eBay Fulfillment as complete items.

    1. Log in to the JTL-Customer Centre with your account.
    2. Select Products > Fulfillment and click on Go to portal.
    3. To initiate cooperation with Orange Connex, click on the link JTL-Fulfillment Network: Find storage space & service providers! and click Initiate cooperation.
    1. Register on the Orange Connex page. If you are already registered, log in with your account.
    2. Select 3PP account link in your Orange Connex customer account and click the +LINK JTL ACCOUNT.
    3. You will be redirected to the JTL Fulfillment Portal Central login page. Here, click Allow to ensure a connection to your JTL-Fulfillment network.
    4. You will then be redirected back to your Orange Connex portal. You can check whether the account link was successful under the menu item Customer account > 3PP account link.

    Registering items from JTL-Wawi with Orange Connex

    After successfully linking the account, you can now register items from your JTL-Wawi with Orange Connex.

    1. In the menu bar, select Warehouses (F4). Select Fullfillment Network and click Connect to JTL-FFN.
    2. Go to Start > Customer Centre Login to connect your JTL Wawi to your Customer Centre.
    3. Open your JTL-Wawi.
    4. Click on  the menu item Items.
    5. Select a Category that contains the items that you want to register with Orange Connex.
    6. Select the items to be registered.
    7. Right-click on the selected items and select JTL-FFN > Assign to FF provider.
    1. In the new dialogue box, select all items and activate the check box for Orange Connex Global Germany GmbH.
    2. Click Authorise to transfer the items to the Orange Connex portal. This might take a while.

    Setting up shipping for Orange Connex

    1. In the menu, select Warehouses > Warehouse.
    2. In the Shipping methods pane, activate the Standard check boxes for the respective shipping method.
    3. In the new dialogue box, go to Orange Connex Global Germany GmbH – OC Fulfillment.
    Note: If you do not see the warehouse of Fulfillment Orange Connex, you should start a manual synchronisation. To do this, select Warehouse > Fulfillment Network > Log and click Start manual synchronisation. Alternatively, activate JTL-Worker and check whether the synchronisation with the JTL-Fulfillment Network was successful.
    1. Then enter the missing information for the registration of the SKUs in your Orange Connex portal to complete the information.

    Artikel etikettieren

    You should label your items before you transfer them to eBay Fulfillment. To do this, you only need to make a small adjustment to the item label.

    Note: You need to assign the items to your fulfilment partner first or announce the items on the server. Otherwise, no JFSKU will be generated and the item label bar code remains blank.
    1. In JTL-Wawi, open the dialogue box Managing print, email and export templates via the menu Admin > Print, email and export templates).
    2. Go to Template sets and select the node Item label. Then click Create > Single template.
    1. Give the template set a clear name, e.g. eBay Fulfillment. Then click on Add to create a new template.
    1. Select the template and click Edit. The JTL-Wawi form editor opens with the item label template on display.
    2. Double-click on the element in the lower left corner. This is already a bar code element. The window Bar code content opens.
    3. Enter the following value under Formula: Barcode(Item.JTL_FSKU, “EAN128”). Then click OK and save the template.
    1. When printing item labels (for example during a stock transfer), you can now select your new eBay Fulfillment template.

    Ware zu eBay Fulfillment umlagern

    Now you want to transfer goods to eBay Fulfillment. Follow the same instructions as for any other fulfilment service provider. Just make sure that you use the eBay Fulfillment warehouse as the destination warehouse for the stock transfer.

    Important note: eBay can only associate goods with you and scan them during goods receipt if they have a unique number representing the respective action, i.e. stock transfers or purchase orders. Store this number in the corresponding documents in the template management. Further reading on this topic: Customizing print templates.

    Case 1: Stock transfer

    If you move goods from your own warehouse to the eBay Fulfillment warehouse, print the JFSKU as a bar code on the delivery notes and add them to all packages. To do this, navigate to Admin > Print, email and export templates > Sales documents > Delivery note > Print.

    Code snippet for List&Label

    Barcode (Report.JTL_FID,"EAN128")
    or in the old templates
    Barcode (Vorgang.JTL_FID,"EAN128")

    To make your work easier, you can download an adapted delivery note template here:

    1. Download the respective file and unzip it into a folder.
    2. In JTL-Wawi, open the dialogue box Managing print, email and export templates via the menu Admin > Print, email and export templates.
    3. Select your delivery note template set or create a new template set for eBay Fulfillment.
    4. Click Import and select the file downloaded previously. You can further specify when the template should be used. Learn how to do this by reading the section on Templates in the JTL-Wawi documentation.

    Case 2: Purchase order

    If you order goods from your supplier and have them sent directly to the eBay Fulfillment warehouse, you must tell the JFSKU to your supplier, which they must then print on the delivery note. To send the number directly in the purchase order, navigate to Admin > Print/Email/Export Templates > Purchase documents > Purchase order > Email.

    DotLiquid expressions for your email template

    {% for JTL_FFNShippingNotification in Vorgang.JTL_FFNShippingNotifications -%}
    {{ JTL_FFNShippingNotification.JTL_FID }}
    {% endfor -%}

    Aufträge über eBay Fulfillment ausliefern

    Once your goods have arrived at the eBay Fulfillment warehouse, you can ship orders via eBay Fulfillment. Proceed in the same way as with shipping orders from other fulfilment warehouses. Make sure, however, that you select the eBay Fulfillment warehouse for the shipment. Go to documentation: Shipping sales orders via the JTL-Fulfillment Network.