Updating JTL-Wawi

    Your task/initial situation

    You are already using JTL-Wawi. A new version is available and you would like to update your version of JTL-Wawi.

    Note on updating to JTL-Wawi 1.0: If you are still working with a version older than JTL-Wawi 1.0, please read the documentation Update from JTL- Wawi 0.99923 to 1.0.

    Step 1: Downloading and installing the update

    In the default settings of JTL-Wawi, you will find a widget in the dashboard which informs you if a new version of JTL-Wawi is available.

    1. Click on the Download button to go to the JTL-Wawi download page.
    2. Download the installation package and execute it.
    Follow the usual steps of the JTL-Wawi installation. Execute JTL-Wawi setup.
    1. Start JTL-Wawi after the installation has been completed.

    Step 2: Updating the database

    The update wizard opens when you log in to a database in JTL-Wawi for the first time after an update.

    In the upper part of the window, you will find a summary of the differences between versions.

    1. First, go to the Mandanten (Tenants) section and select for which tenants the update should be performed.

    Aktuellen Mandanten aktualisieren (Name des Mandanten) (Update current tenants (Tenant name)): Updates the database of the tenant that you used when you logged in. The older version will still be used for all other tenants.

    Alle Mandanten aktualisieren (Update all tenants): Performs a database update for all tenants. Please note that this may take a while if JTL-Wawi is being used for multiple tenants.

    1. Select a storage path for database backups. If you do not make any changes, updates will be stored in the default path.
    Detail: JTL-Wawi automatically backs up the database before every update. This ensures that you can return to the previous version even after the update.
    1. Select Zusatzoptionen (Additional options) if required:

    Performance-Optimierung (Performance optimisation): Enable this option to automatically optimise the performance of JTL-Wawi. JTL-Wawi will then start faster.

    Vor dem Update Simulation durchführen (Perform a simulation before the update): If you enable this option, the update will only be simulated. A complete backup of the database(s) is carried out and will be imported again at the end of the simulation. If any issues arise, the update will not be performed. If no problems occur during the simulation, the database will then be updated.

    1. Click Update jetzt starten (Start update now). The update will then be performed. Depending on the size of the database and the number of companies, the update process may take some time. The status bar in the update window provides you with information about which tasks are currently being carried out.

    Once the update has been successfully completed, you can log in to JTL-Wawi and continue working.