Dialogue box: Manage customer groups

    The Manage customer groups dialogue box can be reached via the menu item Settings > Customer groups. Here, you can create new customer groups and edit or delete existing ones.

    Note for users of JTL-POS ERPConnected: If you connected JTL-POS with JTL-Wawi, your customer groups are managed in JTL-Wawi. All changes will then be synchronised with JTL-POS.

    Managing customer groups

    Use customer groups to classify your customers. If needed, you can assign a group-specific discount to every customer group.

    List view

    Customer group list: Here, you can see all the customer groups you have created. If you assign a discount to a customer group, this will be displayed in the list view. The customer group designated as the default group is displayed in bold lettering.

    Editing customer groups: Tap on the customer group you would like to edit. The Edit customer group dialogue box will open.

    Deleting customer groups: To delete a customer group, hold your finger down on the customer group until the confirmation request opens. Confirm with Yes.


    “Create” button (plus icon): Opens the Edit customer group dialogue box.

    Dialogue box: Edit customer group


    “Save” button: Saves all entered data/changes and exits Edit mode.

    “Cancel” button: Discards the entered data or resets edited data to its original state and exits Edit mode.


    Name: Enter a name for the customer group.

    Sort number: Use the sort number to specify the order in which the different customer groups are displayed in JTL-POS (1 = first at the top). By default—or in the event that no sort number is specified—customer groups are listed alphabetically.

    Discount: Discount granted to the customer group that is valid for the entire range of products. Here, you can select one of your custom customer discounts from the drop-down menu. Discounts can be created in the Manage discounts dialogue box.

    Default: Use this option to specify the customer group that is to be the default one. When you create a new customer, this customer group is always preselected as the default group. This selection can be changed at any time. In the list view of the Manage customer groups dialogue box, the default customer group is displayed in bold.

    Please note: Only one customer group can be the default customer group.