Dialogue box: Creating customer groups

    On this page you will find all options in the Creating and editing customer groups dialogue box. To learn how to create customer groups in JTL-Wawi, please read the relevant scenario.

    In the Customers menu, select the Customer groups menu item.

    The Creating and editing customer groups dialogue box opens.

    Pane A: Customer groups

    Here you can see a list of all customer groups currently available in JTL-Wawi.

    Create: Adds a new customer group. You can configure this customer group via the fields in the other areas.

    Delete: Removes a customer group from JTL-Wawi. This is only possible if the customer group is no longer assigned to a customer. If necessary, use the Group filter in the customer management to locate all customers of a customer group. The customer group may also no longer be used in an online shop.

    Default: Sets the selected customer group as the default customer group. This automatically assigns all newly created customers to this group.

    Pane B: General

    Name: Internal name for the customer group. It is only used in JTL-Wawi for identification.

    Discount in %: You can assign discounts to customer groups. You set this in % with this option. This means that at least this percentage is deducted from a customer group. Further reading:

    Show net prices in online shop: With this option, customers from this customer group can view net prices when they are logged in. If you make this customer group the default customer group of your online shop, net prices will also be displayed to customers that are not logged in. This only makes sense if you generally only sell to companies.

    Print template set: Here you specify which print template set is to be used for the customer group. Further reading:

    Pane C: Online shop name

    Here you can enter a separate name for the customer group for each language you maintain in JTL-Wawi. For more information on this topic go here:

    Pane D: Attributes

    Here you can create attributes for customer groups, for example, to set a minimum order value for a specific customer group.