Item master data: Attributes/Characteristics

    On this page you will find a detailed description of all the options in the Attributes/Characteristics tab of the item master data. To learn how to create items and manage attributes and characteristics, please read the relevant scenario.

    How to use attributes and characteristics

    Use attributes and characteristics to assign additional properties to your items. For example, you can provide additional item information to your customers through text attributes in JTL-Shop and on Amazon/eBay. Using characteristics, you can provide options for product filtering to your customers in JTL-Shop.

    In addition, you can use function attributes to control certain functions, e.g. in your online shop. JTL-Wawi offers a range of predefined attributes for this purpose. However, you can also create custom attributes. In addition, JTL-Wawi offers limited predefined attributes for the shop systems that are connected via the JTL-Connector.

    In general, there are two attribute types in JTL-Wawi:

    • Attributes: They are visible in the online shop.
    • Function attributes: They are used to control functions and are not visible in the online shop.

    A: Attributes

    In the Attributes area, you will see an overview table in which all attributes are listed. You can use the buttons in this area to manage the attributes for your item.

    Assigning attributes

    Click Assign attribute. The dialogue box Assigning attributes opens. You can view All attributes, User-defined attributes or Predefined attributes and configure them using the Next button. After you confirm your details with Save, the attribute is listed in the overview table.

    Changing the attribute value

    Click Edit attribute value. The Changing the attribute value dialogue box opens. In this dialogue, you can change the value of an already configured attribute.

    Managing attributes

    Click Manage attribute. The dialogue box Creating and editing attributes opens. In this dialogue, you can create new attributes and edit existing ones. By clicking on the small arrow on the Create attribute button, you can choose between the options Attribute and Function attribute. Read more on the topic here.

    B: Characteristics

    Assigning characteristics

    Click Assign characteristic. The dialogue box Assigning characteristics opens. In this dialogue box, you can select and assign the Characteristic group, the Characteristic and the Value using the arrow button.

    Managing characteristics

    Click Manage characteristics and the dialogue box Creating and editing characteristics and characteristic values opens. In this dialogue, you can create and group additional characteristics. Read more on the topic here.