Setting up Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

    Your task/initial situation

    You work with merchants who sell via Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. You receive sales orders from these merchants that you are to ship for them.

    You can print shipping labels generated by Amazon for the merchant via the JTL-Fulfillment Network. You neither need JTL-eazyAuction nor your own Amazon account.

    Note: The shipping for Amazon Prime by seller is currently (as of April 2023) only possible via DPD and DHL.

    Creating a shipping method for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

    First, you must create a shipping method for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime for each package configuration you offer to your merchants.

    1. In the menu Shipments > Shipping methods of JTL-Wawi, create a shipping method that you name, for example, “Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime XS”.
    2. Activate the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime check box for the shipping method and configure the shipping method, if necessary.
    3. During the configuration, activate the Collection check box so that the package is collected from your warehouse.
    4. Activate the Use warehouse address as sender address check box so that the package is sent back to your warehouse in case of a return.
    5. Enter your values for the package in the fields and save your settings by clicking OK.
    6. If necessary, create additional shipping methods in the same way if you want to send packages with different sizes or conditions.

    Creating FFN shipping methods for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

    1. Switch to the Warehouses area and select the JTL-Fulfillment Network folder.
    2. Click Manage FFN shipping methods. The Creating FFN shipping methods opens.
    3. Click Create and create a new FFN shipping method, e.g. “Amazon Prime by Seller XS”.
    4. For the shipping method, select the option ByShippingLabelProvider under Type and DPD as Carrier code.
    5. On the right, select the JTL-Wawi shipping method for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime that you want to map to the FFN shipping method.
    6. Repeat this process for all other shipping methods you have created for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.
    Note: You can also assign several shipping methods to one FFN shipping method. However, for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, we recommend that you create one FFN shipping method for each JTL-Wawi shipping method.
    1. Save the dialogue box and then switch to the Customers area.
    2. Open the customer master data of your fulfilment customer and switch to the JTL-Fulfillment Network tab.
    3. Activate the newly created FFN shipping methods for the customer and click Save.

    Setting up the printer

    Finally, you need to set up a printer to print shipping labels generated directly by Amazon.

    1. In JTL-WMS, open the menu and go to Settings > Workstation.
    2. Click Printer administration > Amazon shipping method.
    3. In the Print preferences area, you can select a Printer and Scaling.

    As soon as you deliver a sales order with the option Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, the shipping label is automatically requested from Amazon.