General widgets for the dashboard

    Unlinked shipping methods

    Shows the shipping methods that are not linked to a shipping service provider.

    RSS reader

    Via the RSS reader widget, you can quickly and easily receive information via RSS feed. You can add one URL per widget. However, by double-clicking on RSS reader, you can open as many widgets as you want and store the desired URL, so that you have an overview of all the news relevant to you at any time.

    To do this, simply enter the URL of the RSS feed of your desired news source under Default. Finally, click Reload data.


    Use this widget to get a list of the last ten articles of the JTL-Blog.

    Online shop new customers

    All new customers of the connected online shops with salutation, surname and customer ID are listed here. Here, in the menu of the widget, you can also change the title and subtitle of the widget under Advanced .

    Available update

    Here you will be informed whether an update for JTL-Wawi is available or whether you are already using the latest version. You can highlight the widget. Click on the gear icon > Advanced and select a colour under Colour if update is available.


    This widget allows you to place a placeholder on the dashboard. Under Advanced there is the possibility to upload an image, e.g. your own company logo.

    Duplicate identification numbers

    This widget shows you items with identification numbers that exist more than once. All items with EAN/GTIN, MPN, ISBN and UPC numbers that exist more than once are listed.

    By ticking the check box next to Show SKU or Show item name in the widget settings, you can view the ID number, SKU, and item name in the list. You can also view the data in a chart under Advanced. To do this, simply activate the check box Show chart.

    JTL-Worker: Status

    Displays the status of the JTL-Worker.

    Dashboard overview

    Here you can get a brief overview of the dashboard and a couple of example widgets. You will also learn about basic functions and how to use the dashboard and the widgets. Click on the arrows on the left and right to turn the pages.

    Click on the arrows on the left and right to turn the pages.

    Backup reminder

    This widget sets a reminder to perform a backup of the database.

    Web browser

    Embeds a browser window with a specified URL. You can change the URL under gear icon > Default > URL.