Dashboard statistics widget

    Your task/initial situation

    You already want to be informed about the most important statistics on the JTL-Wawi dashboard. You can use the JTL-Wawi Statistics widget for this. In the example we included statistics based on the sales orders of the current month.

    Preparing the statistics template

    In order to integrate an evaluation into the dashboard, you must first create a suitable statistics template.

    1. To do this, switch to the Statistics area and configure the evaluation that you want to display on the dashboard.
    Example: Under Sales > Sales orders, select the folder Quantity and under Templates, select the option Per month (total). Under Limitation, select the option This month.
    1. Click Start evaluation. If necessary, adjust the view by showing the data points and showing or hiding the legend.
    2. Click Create, select a folder, and give the template a suitable name, such as Sales orders, this month.

    Integrating a widget into the dashboard

    1. Now go to the dashboard of JTL-Wawi by clicking the Dashboard icon.
    2. Click on the + icon to open the menu and double-click on the entry Statistics > Statistics. A new statistics widget will be added to the dashboard.
    1. Click on the widget header and then on the settings icon. The settings menu opens.
    2. Under Statistics template, select which template is to be displayed in the widget.
    1. Under Advanced, specify a Title and Subtitle for the template.
    2. Click Reload data and close the settings menu. The chart will now be loaded.
    3. Customise the widget according to your requirements and add further statistics widgets if necessary.